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Roleplaying Games, both TT and LARPS, for the Seat
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This community will be a resource for those who are interested in finding other roleplaying games and LARPS in the seattle area; While the moderator is interested mostly in Vampire: The Masquerade, Shadowrun, and a superhero/villain game, feel free to post ads or inquiries for other types of games as well if you want.

So, to start off with, there is a Minds Eye Theater rules Victorian Vampire LARP run by a friend of mine named Rory, you can find contact information over at www.crimson-dawn.org.

There is also a TT rules LARP that i was running called Heirs to the Fall, the pages can be found at www.heirstothefall.org/writings. While i may be picking the reins back up in the future, there's also a good possibility that it's going to go on without me, although the game concepts may be changing drastically.

In the meantime, i'm considering running a Shadowrun LARP or a superhero LARP *either based on on the Marvel/DC universe, or possibly just based on one of my own creation*, and i'll be looking for people who might be interested in that. So definitely post to this if you are.