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Game Announcement: Ji Dian Station, Episode 18: Give Me Shelter

On Saturday, October 25th, 2008, at 2:00 PM in Kirkland, WA
Ji Dian Station Logo
In the office of Olin Thomjack...

Allyn Moore approached the open door to Olin Thomjack's office. "What's the status, Moore?" Thomjack didn't look up from the paperwork before him.

The young engineer shifted from foot to foot. "Eden's dome has been patched and braced, but..."

"But you're not sure how long it will hold?"

"No, Sir," Moore said, taking a moment to breathe deeply, "I'm concerned about Midian's dome, sir." Without giving the senior engineer any time to respond, the new engineer jumped into the details. "Midian may be the newer bay, Sir, but her dome is older than Eden's. If Eden's has cracked, I'm sure the other isn't far behind."

The engineer managed to catch her supervisor's attention. Sitting up, Thomjack eyed her, "What do you think the best course of action is then?"

"I think we should be scanning the dome structure for stresses before anything else."

"Sounds like a good start, Moore."

"Thank you, Sir." Allyn Moore left the room a little lighter than when she entered it.

Thomjack scratched his thigh absently as he turned his attention back to the diagnostic report on reactor 2. The problem child of the station had been acting up again and this time, Thomjack was tempted to just leave it shutdown for the time being. Now, if he could just shake that feeling that disaster was looming around the corner.
Please joun us for the 18thEpisode of Ji Dian Station: Give Me Shelter

For more information, including rules, game background, how to join the game, and scheduling dates, please visit www.jidianstation.org, The LiveJournal Community, or subscribe to the RSS Feed for the latest announcements.

Ji Dian Station is a live action role-playing game set in Joss Whedon's Firefly 'verse. The game's timeline puts it after the events depicted in the movie, Serenity

Edit on 3:41 PM, 10/22/2008: Fixed the date again.
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