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Ji Dian Station: Lights Out - a Firefly LARP at Norwescon 31

Ji Dian Station: "Lights Out" at Norwescon 31

The gas giant Heinlein continues in it's elliptical orbit through the black and the years continue to roll forward. Aboard the skyplex that orbits the planet, Ji Dian Station, the Companion Guild hosts a reenactment of Yuen Siu, the lantern festival, in honor of the spring season of the Earth That Was.

You are invited to come meet the local color of the station. Rub shoulders with members of Parliament. Spend time with the beautiful ladies and handsome gentleman of the Companion Guild. Enjoy the delights of the festival. Join in the contests and merriment. It is a festival of creativity, romance, and murder!

There is a killer on the loose. He has struck once and may strike again. That's right, besides solving riddle competitions, entering lantern-making contests, and advancing your character's own agenda, there is a murder mystery to solve! Come join us a special event our month-to-month live action role-playing game set in Joss Whedon's Firefly universe; "Lights Out", part of on going story of Ji-Dian Station. This session will occur from 6:00 P.M. to midnight on Friday, March 21st, at Norwescon 31. While this is an ongoing LARP, this special event is open to a limited number of interested convention members. There is no need to have played previously. The plots of this session will be centered on this event and convention members who are not part of the ongoing game will play pre-generated characters that have specific goals and priorities related to this session.

For more information on the game and to sign up, visit http://www.jidianstation.org/norwescon or you can send an e-mail to norwescon@jidianstation.org.

We look forward to role-playing with you!

Jim Sullivan and Rory Clark
Game Marshalls of Ji Dian Station
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