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Shadows of a Crimson Dawn: Moving Targets

Game 24 of Shadows of a Crimson Dawn is nearly upon us and the stage has been set. Recent assaults by the Engineer upon the Kindred of London have left their mark, the death toll from her rain of fire is believed to be in the hundreds, the damage to buildings and the city's infrastructure is beyond measure. After the last of the firey stone fell from the sky, the slagged remains of her device, capable of pulling rock from outer space was found north of London.

Many hope the worst is over for now. Others, and perhaps they're right, fear the worst is yet to come.

Please join us on the 29th of April at the Nexus!

What: Victorian Vampire LARP
When: April 29th, 2006 at 6:00 pm
Where: The Nexus, Bellevue, WA
Cost: Free
More Info: Contact the Story Tellers (storytellers@crimson-dawn.org)
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