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Ji Dian Station: Lights Out is a month away!

What: Ji Dian Station: Lights Out, Live Action RolePlaying in the Firefly 'verse
When: Friday, March 21st, 2008 at 6:00 pm
Where: At Norwescon 31
How Much: Free! well, you do have to have a membership to the convention, but you were planning on going anyways, right? ;)

How do I sign up to play? Easy, go to jidianstation.org/cons/NorwesconSignup.aspx and fill out the form.

We are one month away from the game and will begin assigning characters next week!

Jing-Mei Zhu gathered the ruffles of the deep plum silk organza that gave her skirt form and lifted it off the floor. She then descended the steps leading into the art room's observation alcove. Gracefully, she slid into one of the embroidered high-backed chairs. She took in the room through the two-way mirror.

A handsome, golden ochre-skinned young man was shirtless, surrounded by paints and palettes. He was making small, precise strokes with a tiny paintbrush, creating flourishing blossoms on a delicate paper lantern. His long, sable hair was tied back. Jing-Mei watched a moment, admiring his strong back and the subtle movement of muscles as he continued with his creative brushstrokes. At the next station, a porcelain-skinned girl with tight, flame-red curls was meticulously folding colorful, shiny paper into playful shapes: swans, beetles, frogs, elephants, walruses and even long extinct creatures, such as whales and giraffes. They were engaging in conversation while they attended to their artistic tasks.

Alejandro Santos and Helena McCoy, both promising trainees. I wonder what they are discussing. Jing-Mei leaned forward and flipped a switch below the two-way mirror. The speaker cracked to life and began broadcasting Helena mid sentence.

"...about going to Ji Dian Station?"

"Why should I be?"

"Well, the bio-terrorist attacks, for one."

"Chwen Joo! Helena, you must not take every bit of idle gossip as truth. Yes, an ancient plague was released, but it was immediately contained and dealt with. The riot has not been proven to have been caused by any sort of chemical attack. Besides, I trust in the Guild Mistress and our House Mother."

"Fine. But what of the murders, Alejandro? Won't we be more vulnerable out on the station?"

"Shiah Hwa, Helena! First of all, of the companions that have died under mysterious circumstances all were of House Madrassa. Secondly, there is a special Alliance Security Director aboard Ji Dian now. There's nothing to fear. Any other worries I need to lay to rest for you, Mei-Mei?" Helena shot Alejandro a sour look.

"Sure, Ghuh-Ghuh," her voice was dripping with resentment as she spoke the normally endearing title. "How about the rumors that the Syndicate will be at the Yuen Siu festival aboard Ji Dian Station?" She ended her question with a sneer, which became a smile as soon as she saw in Alejandro's expression that he had not heard this particular morsel of gossip.

How exactly did she come by that? Jing-Mei leaned closer to the two-way mirror and turned the volume up.

"Well, I imagine," Alejandro began, quickly recovering from his surprise at the content of her question, "that no matter how much we would like it to be different, there are times when the Guild must have contact with undesirables, but likely it's just all rumor."

"Well, names like Van Volkenburg and Belle are being tossed around." Jing-Mei stood up quickly and pressed a new button, and then spoke.

"Santos. McCoy." The two trainees jumped. "I think that is enough creativity for today. Santos, report to the massage center. I want you to begin learning hot stone techniques. McCoy, I want you in the dance studio. Your Paquin Quickstep and Sihnon Waltz both need work." They both began cleaning up their stations. "Guhn Kwai!" The trainees abandoned their work and left the room, Alejandro only pausing long enough to retrieve his shirt.

Clearly, there is a leak. With any luck it's just internal. However, if any of this begins to slip outside of the House, people could start to guess that the Yuen Siu Festival on Ji Dian Station is more than just a celebration of light and love, but a cover for far more important, and dark, deeds. I must speak with Odette. Jing-Mei once again gathered her ruffled skirt about her and then quickly left the observation alcove.
You are invited to come meet the local color of the station. Rub shoulders with members of Parliament. Spend time with the beautiful ladies and handsome gentleman of the Companion Guild. Enjoy the delights of the festival. Join in the contests and merriment. It is a festival of creativity, romance, and murder!

There is a killer on the loose. He has struck once and may strike again. That's right, besides solving riddle competitions, entering lantern-making contests, and advancing your character's own agenda, there is a murder mystery to solve! Come join us a special event our month-to-month live action role-playing game.

Guests who sign up for the game will be playing fleshed out characters with histories, connections, and secrets that probably shouldn't be revealed for a variety of reasons. When you register for Lights Out, you will select the three character archetypes that you are interested in playing and the five personality traits you think that character should have. We will then keep that information in mind when we build the characters for the game. Character will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. If you have not yet registered for the game you will want to do so soon.

Set in Joss Whedon's Firefly universe; "Lights Out", part of on going story of Ji-Dian Station. This session will occur from 6:00 P.M. to midnight on Friday, March 21st, at Norwescon 31 . While this is an ongoing LARP, this special event is open to a limited number of interested convention members. There is no need to have played previously. The plots of this session will be centered on this event and convention members who are not part of the ongoing game will play pre-generated characters that have specific goals and priorities related to this session.
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