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Ji Dian Station: Storm Clouds - Sept. 15th

A station comm monitor near you buzzes to life and a ping ping pang beeps from it as the station logo appears, then rotates three times and fades to black. It is replaced with the words: Ji Dian Station Report, which in turns fades and is replaced by the image of a young, attractive blonde woman against a orange-red background.

Hi, this is Sally Calypso coming to you down the pipeline with the news of Ji Dian Station. I want to thank JD for approving this new weekly broadcast. It couldn't have come at a more important time. With the arrival of Director Jasper Levesque and his Blues Stars...

Blue Stars Logo
An image blinks to life on the orange-red background; a black square in which an image appears:
...tensions are high on the station. Both inhabitants of the lower decks of Ji Dian and business owners are upset by the restrictions placed on departure and arrival of ships; there is concern of trade dropping off. Rumors of unregistered denizens deep below the engineering sections of the station are taking up arms to keep the valiant Blue Stars from exploring the bottom levels of the station and questioning the squatters are popping up all over the station. Sources close the Huo "Cheerful" Evens report that the Blue Stars will be moving to identify those far below and take appropriate action, such as taking known criminals into custody and returning escaped servants serving out an indenture sentence.

Gadar O'Connell
The image changes again:
Noted author Gadar O'Connell, who was recently involved in his own brush with ruffians from below decks, has announced his action to help reduce tensions aboard Ji Dian Station. This coming Saturday at 3 p.m. station time, Gadar is calling a meeting at what is rapidly becoming the central hub for the intermingling of the classes, fifth level bar Lucky Lucy's. He states the topic will be why we should consider cooperation with Levesque and his Blue Stars and to illuminate the average station inhabitant of what is really going on far below our day-to-day lives. Sounds Shiny!

The image fades to black.

Station gossip says that the Post Master General has had his heart shot with cupid's arrow. A recent salvage job uncovered an assassin. Was the target a prominent member of the station's staff? Sources report that several of the level three upper-crust are enjoying slumming it on lower decks. Is this the new fad or simply socialites looking for drops or doxy to ease the ennui of their daily lives?

Thanks for tuning in and this is Sydney Calypso promising that every tick in every place, we'll be watching.

Welcome the 5th episode of Ji Dian Station, Storm Clouds! It will take place this Saturday, September 15th at 2:00 pm at Rory’s place.

We are looking for a regular Game Deputy (Assistant Storyteller), or two, to help us out on a regular basis, or even just people interested in a regular NPC stint. Please contact a Game Marshall in person or drop us a line at storytellers@jidianstation.org if you or someone you know is interested.

We are also mulling over a change of date. Would you the players be willing to change regular play of the game from the third Saturday of the month to the fourth? There is small scheduling conflict with another game and we are the smaller game so it would be easier for us to move, however our loyalties are first to our players and if the move would be inconvenient or cause difficulties, there is no need to move- it would just be nice. Please email us your thoughts on the matter, or even if your opinion is that you don't care.

We are also seeking people who are willing to help out with costuming or prop-making. If this is something you're good at and would like to help- you guessed it! Talk to a Game Marshall or email us.

We hope you enjoy the excitement of Storm Clouds!
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